PyCon India 2019

12-15 October, 2019

Time - 00:00 to 00:00

PyCon India is the annual gathering of Pythonistas, run by the Indian Python community, to foster adoption of the Python programming language. PyCon India 2019, will take place in Chennai, between Oct 12 and 15. This is 11th edition of the conference and about 1200 people are expected to participate in this event, from all over the country.

PyCon India 2019 is actually 3 events rolled into one mega event.

  • Conference Days

  • Workshop Day

  • Developer Sprints

The Conference Days are on Oct 12 and 13, 2019 at the Chennai Trade Centre. On the conference days, people connect with each other, discuss their experiences and present their ideas.

  • Talks with slides is where people do a 25 min talk, on a topic. These talks are selected through a CFP process, before the event. There will be 3 talk tracks, where presentations will happen in parallel.

  • Poster session is a 1-hour session, right after the lunch break, on the first day of the conference. One of the halls is temporarily converted into a poster exhibition hall, where presenters use a graphic poster and a laptop to present their topic.

  • Open spaces is where people have informal presentations and discussions along side the talk tracks. Open spaces slots can be booked at the venue, on the day of the event.

  • Lightning talks is a 1-hour session, right after the lunch break, on the second day of the conference. Lightning talks are rapid 5 min presentations, that is presented to the entire conference crowd, a great way to get a message across to the entire audience.

  • Sponsor stalls are where you can meet companies supporting the conference. These companies use Python and are looking for Python developers. You can visit their stalls to get to know more about them, and the openings in their organization.

The Workshop Day is on Oct 14, 2019 at the IITM Research Park. (Please note that Workshop overlaps with Devsprints) On the workshop day, people can attend hands-on workshops, and learn about a topic from an expert. A separate ticket needs to be purchased for each workshop you would like to attend.

The Developer Sprints is on Oct 14 and 15, 2019 at the IITM Research Park. During the Devsprints people contribute to open source projects, guided by mentors. This is a nice way to get started with contributing to Python and other open source projects. A separate ticket is required to attend the Devsprints.